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AvatarRyan Cloutier

To early to tell for the results all tho I do seem optimistic as I have moments of very little pain and only mild discomfort. But then other moments come with more severe pain reminding me that I am still far from correcting my issue.

I also forgot to add in my previous post that I the physiotherapist noticed very limited range of motion in my right hip external rotation (the side of my knee pain). He noticed worse hip external rotation on my right than on my left. I also notice a lot of tightness (around the joint capsule and TFL) when putting my right hip into external rotation.The tightness makes it hard for me to sit cross legged. 
Tight Hip Internal rotators (Limited hip external rotation ROM): (2 ways it may contribute to my PFPS)
1) Tight hip internal rotators–>pulling femur into internal rotation–>femur is in internal rotation relative to patella (not in an obvious valgus collapse but deep inside right in the hip capsule) –> patella not gliding correctly/patella tilt –> knee pain and IT band tightness
2) Tight hip internal rotators–> preventing full range of motion of glute medius during external rotation (i.e., in exercise such as clamshells) –> leading to reciprocal inhibition of glute medius–>preventing full activation of glute medius–>glute medius weakness–>IT band tightness and poor hip control–>knee pain

I need some good mobs to help address this