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AvatarPawan Lalwani

Hope you’re seeing some results Kefu.  I am slightly better since trying to do mobility work daily, my strength regimen 3 days a week, and doing some bodyweight exercises that fire up the glutes, core, and hamstrings more often.  I went ski touring in Jackson this weekend, did about 20 miles and
12,000 vert with some deep trailbreaking over 2 days which is a big effort compared to normal day
tours.  Felt slight twinges in my lateral knee, but better than before.  Need to commit to more wall and couch stretching, only doing about 2 minutes per day for each leg.

 Also paying more attention to posture while standing, contracting core and glutes every so often.  Sleeping on my stomach with a pillow under my hips also seems to hips.  I think I mentioned that already.  Also using an exercise ball and doing a lunge to stretch my hip flexors while standing and working, adductors that lead into my affected left hip flexors are noticeably tight as well.  I recently noticed a slight bump in my left hipflexor area, not sure what it is.  Wondering if I possibly have a sports hernia, going to get it checked out this week.  Heard something like that could contribute to guarding that area creating similar issues to what I’ve been seeing.