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Next step: 
1) See a legit well recognized physiotherapist who will confirm what I speculate are my issues during his assessment. Hopefully he will make alterations to my regime to improve my routine. Also, get advice from him in regards to the leg length discrepancy and pelvic tilt contribution to my injury. 
2) Also, looking to go see someone to get electro-accupuncture done on my hip flexors so I can get into more hip extension and better activate my glutes. This will give me the window of opportunity to strengthen my glutes in ranges I wouldn’t normally be able to go in.
3) Get my full length foot lift and 3-d gait analysis in 1 months time
4) Keep seeing Osteopath
5) See a physiatrist/PM&R doctor specializing in sports medicine for his assessment, input and hopefully EMG analysis on: VMO to VL activation patterns, quads to hamstrings activation patterns, and glute to hamstring activation patt erns. This will give me a better idea of what is exactly going on. Perhaps also help me decide if I would benefit from botox into either the hip flexors or vastus lateralis.
6) If I dont see large improvements within 2-3 months. I will consider flying from my location (Toronto/London Ontario to Los angeles) to see world renowned leader in Patellofemoral Pain and Glute/hip activation Chris Powers and his staff at the movement performance institute. The facility is highly sophisticated. Heres a link: http://movementpi.com/about-mpi/
7) If all else fails will consider botox for hip flexors or vastus lateralis.