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AvatarRyan Cloutier

My quads are dominant over hamstring. I spent years training as a competitive soccer goalie jumping A LOT during training sessions from various weird positions. I would continue to train even after fatigue, this is when my form would probably start to break down, I wouldve probably been loading the knees a lot. Physiotherapist back then noticed I was quad dominant over my hamstrings and recommended me strengthening my hamstrings. Also I was able to do 400lb knee extensions in grade 9 but only 100lb hamstring curls!  I will try to confirm if I still have an imbalance their and to what degree with an EMG or some sort of muscle testing with a biodex perhaps. 

So I am quad dominant overall but also I am pretty sure I am hamstring dominant over my glute max and TFL dominant over my glute max/medius. I will try to confirm all of this via EMG or muscle testing for precise measurements and with a new physiotherapist I will see for less precised measurements.
I noticed I had to get the voodoo band more tight than the recommended 70% for it to be effective. Also, I noticed more benefits if I did it 4 times a day. I would migrate up the leg starting closest to the knee and making my way up. By the 4th set at the end of the day I was doing high hip. I did this for about a week before I could be sure their was a benefit (although I felt slight improvements after 2-3 days I wasn’t sure it was placebo). I now do them only twice a day. 
My leg anatomy seems fine. No health practitioner has commented on anything for them. I dont toe in or out. My knees are aligned (their not in valgus). My arch isn’t flat (the physiotherapist said it isnt the greatest arch however and its a little low, but nothing concerning). 
Thats weird that your a bit bow-legged because that should put you at more risk for medial knee pain rather than lateral knee pain. Usually knock knees is a risk factor for patellofemoral pain. 
Toeing out 5-10 degrees is fine.