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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Hey Alpha919

The pain is between the femor and patella (right in the patellofemoral joint, under the knee cap), more so on the lateral side , and it seems to be more near the proximal aspect of the patella (the part closer to my head and further from my foot). Its a dull achy pain that is often times difficult to describe and hard to pin point. Almost feels like their is a lot of pressure on that lateral side, and its compressed and cant breath. I don’t think theirs anything wrong with the quad lig/tendon because I have had ultrasound done showing nothing, also many physiotherapist, and OS checked via manual testing. They all seem to think its chondromalacia patella, femoral pain syndrome, and from the vast research I have done, I seem to have a VERY bad case of it that wont go away.
Its a constant pain (with or without movements). So just sitting here writing this I am in about the same amount of pain as if I were to squat. Sometimes sitting for longer periods will make the pain worse. Also squatting/bending activities/exercises wiithout being warmed up is more painful than when I am warmed up. Also, if I do any exercises/activities such as physiotherapy without foam rolling and streching and self-myofascial release at the end, my IT band and quads will get really tight. This tightness will persist for days, and will aggravate my knee symptoms even more. (So its not so much during the activities that cause me more pain, its after the activities). So I have been avoiding activites/exercise unless its physiotherapy/rehab related. Although this seems to be palliative in nature.
I have been doing patella taping, it helps with the pain a little, nothing to dramatic (brings my pain down 1 point on 10 point scale). It works better taping it medially and inferiorally as opposed to just taping it medially. 2 Tapes are typically used. 1 for the tilt, and 1 for the tracking. Again, this seems to only be palliative in nature, and not addressing the cause.
I should be getting an MRI done early in January. But even with the MRI results, their is something causing this chronic tightness that’s pulling the knee cap that needs to be addressed. It feels like its compressed, and very painful.