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AvatarPawan Lalwani

Yeah, I usually do the myofascial and mobility drills afterwards.  I don’t think I warm up as well as I should, probably need to work on that.  I feel like for me strengthening gives the most benefits so far, just like you the muscles that were tight are less so after my routine.

My left hip flexor on my affected side was extremely tight for a bit, started doing hamstring curls along with the other exercises and that seemed to make a huge difference.  What is your hamstring to quad strength like?  I get cramps in my adductors for some reason if I really push it aerobically ski touring or cycling.  Haven’t focused on them all that much, other than some foam rolling every now and then.

Flossed for the first time last night, did my calves and above my patella.  Need to try to get into the high hip area tonight.  Not sure how much of a difference it made, felt pretty good today, but I usually do the day after my routine.  Went to the gym did some clams, light one legged deadlifts, quad smash with barbell, and wall stretch.  That wall stretch is tough, upper quads are very tight, along with insertion into the hip flexor.  Since I have a standing desk I’ve also been concentrating on my posture, especially keeping my feet pointing straight.  I have  a tendency to toe out.

What is your leg anatomy like?  I’m a bit bow-legged.