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AvatarRyan Cloutier

My plan:

Keep up with my routine right now while I get the following things below done:

1) 3-D gait analysis and pedorthist – Get another opinion on whether or not my leg length discrepancy requires a heel wedge – going to make an appointment with Solescience (Colin Dombroski) and get a 3-d video gait analysis.
2) EMG and PM&R sports med physician – Get an appointment with a PM&R (physiatrist) physician specializing in sports medicine – ask him whether or not my leg length discrepancy requires heel wedge. Ask for EMG to be done to firing ratio of the VMO with the VL and to check the timing of muscle firing to see if the VL is firing before the VMO (delayed onset). Also, if possible check the firing of other muscles such as gluteus max, glute medius, hamstrings. Also, I will ask his opinion on botox injection for PFPS. This information will help me decide whether or not I should get botox and heel wedge. Will also ask for help in my case in general and his opinion on my proximal tibiofibular ganglion cyst, doing ectroaccupuncture and if he knows anyone else that might be able to help. 
3) MRI – Get another MRI for my proximal tibiofibular joint to fully elucidate whether or not their is a ganlgion cyst their or if their is any differential diagnosis and if this is related to my knee pain.
4) Osteopath – Keep seeing my current experienced osteopath once every 2 weeks
5) Physiotherapist – I found a highly regarded physiotherapy in my area named Rob Werstine whose past president of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) which meant he was part of a board of 8 members representing all physiotherapist across Canada, and he past chair of National Orthopedic Division. He also an adjunct professor teaching physiotherapy. –> I am thinking of making an appointment with him as well to get his input on my case. Would like to get the 3-D gait analysis and EMG done first and go to him with that information.