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AvatarPawan Lalwani

 My pelvis on one side was further back than the other
side, which was causing a functional leg length discrepancy. When my PT
corrected that via manual manipulation I felt a release of tightness down the lateral side of . 
The trick was keeping myself in alignment, I’m finally to the point that
I stay in alignment.  I think overall I have some anterior pelvic tilt
though.  The exercises I mention above seem to correct for that, but I
constantly have to remind myself to keep my pelvis underneath my core.

I totally hear you about how this can change your mood.  I too feel like an old man when I should actually be in my prime athletically.  I can actually stay quite active as long as I keep up with my routine, but it’s no way to live.  I literally spend most of my down time at home rolling around on a foam roller, doing self massage, researching, etc.  I feel the best on the weekends if I do my strengthening routine on Friday and stay active throughout the entire weekend.  If I just lay around at home or work at my desk in one position it seems to bring the tightness back.  I think part of what I’m experiencing is a postural issue or the lack of control I have over my pelvis.  My quads are ridiculously strong, but I have weak hamstrings, and core, which seems to contribute to the patellofemoral pain.  Seems like this occurs a lot in communities where skiing and cycling are the main activities.  Everything I do is quad dominant…

One thing that seemed to help when I was feeling horrible bi-lateral tightness in both quads and IT bands was to sleep with a pillow underneath my pelvis/lower back.  Not sure why this helped as it seems like it would put more stress on the hip flexors and quads, but it felt like the tone reduced in the tight muscles.