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The heel wedge I had before was about half the size of the discrepancy (0.5mm). This is the typical protocol to follow according to all the sources. You dont want to shock the system with by adding to much. Plus the body has already adapted somewhat to the discrepency in other ways. 
I havent addressed the shoe. Right now its winter her were I am so I am wearing winter shoes outside. While I am indoors or doing my physio exercises I am barefoot. 
During the time I was wearing the heel wedge I was trying to wear it indoors and outdoors constantly. I was wearing it with my old workout shoes indoors and various other shoes I have for outdoors. So when doing my physio exercises I was wearing the heel wedge. 
The people who told me not to wear the wedge didn’t really offer me other advice besides keep doing the physio exercises and try to learn to manage the pain. Must of the people who told me not to wear the wedge didn’t evaluate me extensively, for instance I just met the clinical biomechanical expert at school without an official appointment and asked him a few questions. I asked him if a leg length discrepancy of 1.1 cm should need to be addressed with a heel wedge. He said in a laughing way who told you such a small difference would need to be addressed? He then said such a difference isn’t clinical significant. Must sources online agree that 2mm or greater is the cut off point needed for it to be clinical significant. Soc doc told he wouldn’t recommend a heel wedge but that was through online exchanges. 
It weird. If my injury was truly due to a leg length discrepancy you would think it would heal with all the physio exercises and mobs and also from a cessation from physical activity and/or sports. I would understand that If I was doing some kind of physical activity that the leg length discrepancy might be causing it not to heal and causing injuries and imbalances. But all I do is study must of the day, and walk sometimes.
I wonder what the theory is of how it might be causing or contributing to my tight IT band and patellofemoral pain syndrome.
I am thinking of going to : http://www.solescience.ca/ to ask for a 3-d gait analysis and also ask for the opinion of another field leader (Coling Dombroski) in foot mechanics and gait about my case. Hes canada’s only Canadian Certified Pedorthist with a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science. Hes also the owner of solescience and did his thesis on leg length discrepancies in regards to gait and balance.