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AvatarRyan Cloutier

    Update: I have been following the routine for 2 weeks now. However, I havent done voodoo band work and band distractions yet  because I haven’t been able to order the jump stretch bands and voodoo bands yet. I also havent gotten a soft ball yet, I will try to get one ASAP. I also tried using a 20 pound barbell with 25 pounds on one side, It didnt seem that effective, it was hard to create pressure on the muscle, I find the EZ bar to be more effective as it gives  more pressure to the muscle and can be easier to manipulate. I have noticed some improvements in symptoms. Muscles are less tense, knee pain has slightly decreased. I dont know if these changes are permanent because my muscles still tighten easily. The improvements have only been mild. I also noticed that taping my patella medially and downard seems to help slightly. I Will keep at it, getting a little frustrated however. I will order the voodoo bands, and jump stretch bands, and my own electroacupuncture machine in the beginning of January. I also have an MRI appointment on January 7th. I haven’t seen any therapist for 2 weeks because of the holidays. I have also been sitting a little less, and have decided not to use the heel wedges for my leg length discrepancy.

    Question: whats the best modality to decreasing muscle tension/muscle tightness. I have been reading a lot about the effectiveness of voodoo bands. Are voodoo bands better at decreasing muscle knots/tightness and tension than rumble roller and/or lacross ball?
    Question: Is anyone familiar with electro accupuncture/electrically stimulate trigger point dry needling? How do you think it compares with other modalities such as self-myofascial release with rumble roller and lacross ball?