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AvatarPatrick Thomas

You are ready to change the tool that you are using to foam roll.
PVC is a one option, supernova is a great option for hip, QL etc.

You can learn to do IASTM to yourself.
I work on myself using HawkGrips. I’ve taken a HawkGrips course which was excellent.
The tools come with a cd and manual on how to use them. I can tell you more about them on email.
The tools have different types of edges and using different type strokes allows for different angles and vectors to address the area. Much different from using a dull flat edge of a spoon.

Having surgery to remove scar tissue creates more scare tissue from re opening the incision.
I have an incision along my collar bone that was opened twice. I had it worked on shortly after the second time it was opened and its been great. No restrictions.  I check in with it often.

You may have some tacked down skin as well.
Do you have a voodoo band or voodoo x band?
If not I recommend getting one.
Wrapping your leg is performing squats and other movements that are restricted can have a big impact.
Having someone move their hands in opposite directions (Indian sunburn) in the area frees up the tissue.

We combine a few recovery protocols.
I use mobility, IASTM, voodoo x band, estim depending on what we are addressing.
Scar tissue can be broken up. Addressing up down stream of where you see the problem is an important aspect. Restoring sliding surfaces within the impacted area is key. This allows the skin to move independently of the muscles and tissues and vice versa.