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AvatarRyan Cloutier

It’s a permenant/structural leg length discrepancy. The right leg is shorter than the left by 1.1cm. This was confirmed by an x-ray. The osteopath mentioned she could try to even the leg length a little because my right hip seems to be more “junky” and tight than the left, which is also causing the right hip to be tilted forward/anterior. But is it even possible to even out a leg length discrepancy if its anatomical?

I was reading that 1.1 cm isn’t a signifcant leg length discrepency, and that must of the population has some sort of length length discrepancy (0 – 0.5 cm). I also read the opinion of a hospital website that said it is recommended to wear heel wedge if you have a leg length discrepency of 2cm or greater. I also read that heel wedge can throw off biomechanics, and running gait, and lead to injuries. 
All this conflicting info leaves me confuse. Should I wear a heel wedge? If so it is recommended to constantly wear them. That means I cant go barefoot. However, I have read that barefoot is highly recommended, and helps with injuries. A guy named Michael Sandler had a leg length discrepancy and wrote a book regarding barefoot running. He advocates going barefoot. 
1) Should I go barefoot and/or minimalist shoes with no heel wedge
2) Always wear shoes, even indoors with a heel wedge 
3) Go barefoot indoors and/or at home, wear heel wedge outdoors (this means I would be constantly alternating and changing the level of my pelvis, dont know if this is recommended)