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Possible Future treatments:
1) Botox (Dr. Gordon Ko in Markham) – into the vastus lateralis (any maybe hip flexor). This has shown to be effective in some recent studies for patients with refractory anterior knee pain. The idea is you shut down the vastus lateralis for 3 months, and you continue to do physiotherapy, this gives you a window of time for selectively strengthening and isolating the VMO. This will help with tracking and tilt issues, and can give symptomatic relief of muscle tightness during the 3 months. Its good for addressing muscular balance issues. Dr. Gordon Ko also does PRP, prolotherapy, hyaluronic acid, and botox into the joint.

2) HGH/testosterone/IGF-1/dextrose/PRP/PSGAS/hyaloronic acid – have read this has helped some people.I am looking into injecting into my own knee to save thousands of dollars. This can help regenerate possible cartilage damage I might have.

3) Dr. Anthony Galea (Etobicoke/Toronto) – he is a prominent sports medicine physician infamous for treating athletes and giving them HGH. Don’t know what kind of treatment he would give me. I know he does PRP, but I dont know if he can give HGH anymore since its illegal here in Canada and hes gotten in trouble for that.

Help me:
I am desperately looking for some advice and how to proceed. My chronically tight IT Band, quadriceps, and Hip flexors just dont seem to loosen up! My new physiotherapist has me doing postural work/exercises now. I have been doing them for about 1 month now. He thinks that bad posture might be contributing. 1 month ago he said to give it 3 months, and I should see improvements. (He even said that I can expect to see an 80%, but my case is a little unique so he doesnt know for sure), He is really surprised I am feeling so much pain, and tightness for not even doing that much physical activity. So far their has been no improvements with the postural exercises.