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AvatarPawan Lalwani

djrachman, I’ve also found that hamstring work and posterior chain work in general helps my symptoms, but for me it seemed like it was a temporary fix.  So far doing the Mckenzie exercises seem to help the most, but aren’t a cure all.  I’ve been riding my mtn/road bike about 80 miles a week for the last couple weeks and my symptoms were under control, but a couple days back I did a 25 mile mountain bike ride with lots of vert and I started to get some lateral knee pain again.  I think I just overdid it and stayed in a position where my spine was in flexion for too long.  

Lately, I’ve been trying to just focus on one muscle group every time I go to the gym and see what helps the most, then start working that into my routine with my mckenzie exercises.  My left VMO is smaller than my right and also fires later, I think this might have been caused by some medial knee pain that I had early on, which led to incorrect firing patterns and along with my back referring tightness to my IT band, is causing a whole host of issues.  Seems like I’ve got it mostly under control, but I’d like to get back to racing bikes and being competitive which I can’t be when things are flaring up every couple weeks.  I’m 90% better, but still have a ways to go figuring out how to get that last 10%.