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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Jake anderson

here a couple of recommendations that you would need to do your own research on and consider:
1) Rolfing/structural integration – considering seeing a rolfer or structural integration therapist
2) Functional patterns (Naudi Aguilar) – watch all his videos. Pick out things he says and google search it for more in depth information – he will talk about important areas to focus your corrective areas on such as transverse abdominis, diaphragm, pelvic floor, internal obliques, anterior oblique system and posterior oblique system, fixing anterior pelvic tilt, strengthening core stability, preventing pelvic frontal and sagittal plane of motion. Working on transverse plane rotation exercises, self-myofascial release etc..
3) Go see a good well qualified physiotherapist – look for ones with expertise in core stability, pilates, yoga, athletic experience, good credentials perhaps, lots of experience etc.. – mention funcitonal patterns to him and Naudi aguilar. Go over exercises from functional patterns with the physiotherapist making sure you are performing them in correct form and to choose the specific ones. He will help you choose the exercises that cater to your specific needs and weakness. A corrective exercises is only corrective if dont correctly and address the root cause of the issue. The physiotherapist will help you determine this. Most likely it begins from the core.