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Awesome advice guys. I am going to give this a go. 3 mobs a day it is.

I am trying to design a new recovery program for myself right now.
For my strengthening exercises, should I still keep that at 3 times a week? (or should I do some type of strengthening exercise every day just in a shorter session? i.e., hit the glute medius every day?)
Also, whats your opinion on suction cupping, and just dragging the suction cup along the muscles? 
The EZ bar I used was a 10 pound bar. I added 40 pounds of weight to it, and dragged it on my quads, and lower hip flexor area on different angles. It am still a little sore from it (nothing to serious), and a tiny bit of bruising. It was definitely more intense than anything else I have rolled out on thus far, and seemed to loosen the muscle more effectively.
I will look into buying: Voodoobands, jump stretch bands, a gemini, and a supernova. Were can I purchase a jump stretch band. I want to make sure its a good one that wont snap. Can they also be used for x-band walks and other resistance exercises? I have resistance bands (therabands) at home (they tend to snap after prolonged use), do you have any ideas on how I can implement them for mobility work?
Would warming up before the mobility work make it more effective? Like if I skip for 2 mins and/or do leg swings etc.. Or does it not really matter if I warm up or not? 
Regarding footwear and the orthotics and barefoot debate. Should I go barefoot for must of my exercises and should I wear minimal shoes in public rather than normal shoes. Should I ditch the orthotics I have lying around at my house? I just got the orthotics 2-3 months ago. But was reading all this conflicting info on whether or not to go barefoot. I haven’t really been wearing the orthotics lately. 
What about a heel wedge for my leg length discrepency. My right leg is 1.1 cm shorter (confirmed on x-ray). I have been given a 0.5cm heel wedge about 2 months ago. I use it for my shoes when I go outside etc.. (not when I do my physiotherapy/mobility, I just go barefoot for that). You think its bad not being consistent in wearing the heel wedge? Its like changing the level of the pelvis constantly. But then again I heard its better to go barefoot, however does this apply to people with a leg length discrepancy?