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AvatarPawan Lalwani

Hope everyone had a great holiday, happy new year!  No real change after implementing the exercises above.  Just noticing some things that I need to seem to work on.  Lateral knee pain and tightness came back after two long days ski touring in deep snow.  When I’m doing stir the pot I usually try to do 3 sets, one set consists of stirring 5 times one way then 5 times the opposite way.  After 2 sets of these I find that my core shuts down and I start feeling it in my lower back.  As soon as I start to feel it in my lower back I stop the exercise.  Going in for an FMS screen just to see if they can point out something that I don’t know already.

Is my strengthening program wrong?  I’m mostly doing lighter weight or bodyweight 3 sets x 8-10 reps.  Main exercises include stir the pot, x-band walks, one legged rdl(35lbs in opposite hand of stance leg), was doing them with up to 70 lbs in one hand, but thought I should concentrate on form vs heavy weight.  I needed something to balance against when doing it with high weight.  Hamstring curls, started off heavy trying to build muscle as I was very weak.  Originally doing 8-9 plates 3 x 5.  Now I’ve been trying to work on muscle endurance a little more and have been doing 6 plates, 3 x 10, but the last set I try to go til failure, which is usually about 15 reps.  Also all the myofascial release, couch stretch, dry needling, goblet squat hold to work on external rotation, banded distraction, etc.
The TFL on my affected side seems to fire more when contracting my glutes than the unaffected side.  I can see how if this happens every step I take ski touring or revolution of the pedal when cycling it would lead to an overworked tfl that would tighten up.  I guess my main focus is going to be trying to inhibit the TFL while strengthening that glute.  Along with focusing on my core and gaining some endurance.  I also know I don’t walk enough, I literally stand for 15 hours of my day either at work or at home at a standing work station, I really need to change that.
Some skiing from this weekend before my knee started acting up again.