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Yeh i got forward head posture (kypthosis/ventral drag). Its improved since rolfing. I currently finished my tenth session of rolfin (last session). My posture and overall body alignment has improved. Anterior pelvic tilt has improved. Also, my pelvis isnt as assymterical. Rolfer finds it weird im experiencing lots of patellofemoral pain and tight IT band/quads still. 

I have been looking more into functional patterns now. I have there products purchased and will go over certain exercises Naudi Aguilar recommends to my physiotherapist. I am starting to be convinced that lack of transverse plan motion (rotational movement of the trunk during various functional activities) might be a key player in my dysfunction. Naudi Aguilar talks about this a lot and how this can lead to assymetrical pelvis and weight shifts, and excessive motion in the sagittal plane (anterior pelvic tilt) and frontal plane (pelvic sway and trendelenburg sign). I just skimmed the abstracts of many studies that confirm that trunk stiffness is associated with low back pain and knee osteoarthritis. Nothing on patellofemoral pain syndrome tho. He also talks a lot about hip hinging (trunk flexion) as a good motor pattern to have during various activities. I also skimmed some studies talking about the benefits of trunk flexion during running and jump landing leading to less knee force loads and less quadricep activation (more activation of glutes). I am going to see my physiotherapist tomorrow. Changes need to be made as I am not seeing any progress with patellofemoral pain and IT band/quad tightness.
Things to consider:
1) Transverse plane motion (rotational movements – mostly about the trunk)
-need to go over exercises for this and to see if I have dysfunction
-it activates the anterior oblique system (AOS)
2) Trunk flexion (hip hinging, activating glutes, less quad activation)
-emphasize this during daily activities and exercises