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1) You are covering too much at one time.
As Kelly has noted keep it to 3 mobs a day.
Trying to mob everything all the time doesn’t work well and there isn’t time for that everyday.
Determine where the biggest performance limiters are and start there.
You don’t need to be as concerned with the individual muscles addressed vs you are impact anything that is tight in the targeted area.
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Spending so much time at once isn’t wrong per se, but there are more effective ways to go about it.
Only doing it 3 times a week is not frequent enough. You are breaking habit and forming new ones.
Your body needs the stimulus for the new position/rom/movement pattern more often because they are a new position/rom/movement pattern. The more the stimulus is there the better.  As you work with these changes they will become habits/default patterning and you won’t need to think about it so much to have the correct movement pattern/positioning.
This can take some time because you are retraining things. You are creating new neuropathways for the changes in position/movement pattern.
Yes, you can work on the same areas more than once a day. If you are bruising I would recommend taking another look at things. I have not bruised from mobility work.

You may not be seeing improvement because you aren’t addressing the cause of the issue. If you are only addressing symptoms symptoms or new symptoms will continue to occur because the cause of the issue is still there.
You need to take a systems approach.
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Sometimes when movement patterns are improved and mobility is addressed imbalances go away because the system is no longer compensating for something else. SMR corrects symptom when it is addressing symptoms. Same thing applies if the cause is not addressed the improvements will not remain. You can chase symptoms forever. 2 times a week is not frequent enough to see change/improvements. There are no days off with this stuff.

3) The tools you use can change based on what the goal is and what you are addressing.
Yes, a barbell is better than PVC for areas that need something more than PVC. A rumble roller is great for some areas other areas I would not use a rumble roller. I would recommend getting a Gemini to replace the 2 lax balls taped together, and a supernova. These up the anti another few levels.
The ez bar could work if there is enough weight to the bar. A regular bar is 33 or 43 pounds.
Use it and see. This is a question you will need to answer.
Don’t be as concerned with the individual muscles targeted vs you are impacting anything tight in the targeted area.
4) YES, you need to address both sides. You may spend more time on the side that is tighter, but where both sides are tight you need to improve both sides.
5) Voodoo flossing hits compression which is another way to address an area to see change.
Try it and see what it does for you. What do you have to lose by trying it?
I did not list every video that addresses the areas mentioned. Do a search and look through the episodes and daily rx. This will help with your understanding as well.6
6) No, those are jump stretch bands.
Voodoo Band
There are episodes where Kelly uses a voodoo floss band.
Different tool, bands etc. are used to address different properties.
It goes back to the goal of the mob and what aspect(s) you are looking to improve.
You should always use a band when able to use one.