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My posture has improved and so has my TMJ problems. But right knee pain with IT band tightness hasnt improved in last month.

1) 8 treatments of Rolfing – I am doing weekly visits all the way to 10 treatments. It has helped my posture and tension of my muscles/fascia considerably. My anterior pelvic tilt is almost normal so is my lordosis. Also, I had TMJ problems that seem to have almost gone away. 2 more sessions to go. The pelvis is still twisted but to lesser extent. Right side with anatomically shorter leg has pelvis rotated anterior and left side with longer leg has pelvis rotated posterior. Also there still seems to be a noticeable pelvic drop on the longer leg (contrary to whats supposed to happen – pelvic drop is usually on the side of the shorter leg to compensate for difference in leg length –>this is all paradoxical). One might suggest adding a full length foot lift on shorter leg but this would only exacerbate the pelvic asymmetry by creating a larger pelvic drop on right side and clearly causing my right hip to hike dramatically. I am disappointing with the Rolfing treatments as the rolfer said my issue would resolve after the 10 treatments. So far there are no signs pointing to my problem of correcting anytime soon.
2) Physiotherapy visits 4 months now – Seeing a PT who specializes in clinical pilates, deep core musculature with over 10 years of experience and an olympic athletes. 
3) At home physio exercises everyday – added some progressions from previous exercises such as performing them on foam roller for more core engagement and doing higher reps. still keeping up with foam rolling, stretches, diaphragmatic breathing, deep core musculature exercises, pelvic clocks, glute medius exercises: 1) side lying clamshell with plank position and 2) single leg standing clamshells/firehydrants