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AvatarRobert Behnke

Jtrue, Why would you want to do a PSOAS Release? IS he walking bending over or to the front or have some gait problem? Many of the suggestions here are mostly theoritical and on a should-work basis. have you ever wondered if many sports therapist or rather the fielf of sports therapy had made several wrong assumptions. If they had been correct, this poor guy had long been pain-free. Some of the exercise you guys recommended will aggraviate the condition. Sorry I did not read the later part. Your later therapist is smarter but not entire correct. Loosing up the Pelvic Floor with so much effort? It is not weak, just tight. Rolfing will not work either. What maintenance. In our place, the problem is entirely eradicted once and for all. If you know what you are doing and really sure what is wrong, you just fix it. No Excuse and can do without the needless dozens of technical jargons and all that complexity. Here we do it 30-60 minute session and everything is fixed. At most, we will ask you to return after a week to see how the correction is holding up and if the whole body had harmonised with the new structural dynamics. Once a while we do make our clients wear a a hip customised support. All in all you got some things right but you did not have the best treatment modality hence SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE.(So much hassle, time, money, worry, so little progess). Fanciful but ineffective. Again, get the most advanced or best Chiro/Therapist you can find because the standard one will only be guessing. What you are having is a compedium of issues normally left untreated in most therapist since the do not know the issue well. Find one that will list down all the issues and who is able to peel the mater layer by later and walk you through what causes what and which comes first and to reverse the problem stage by stage. A complete reversal is possible if the only the diagnosis is correct. When more excuses than results are given, then it’s time to go to another therapist.