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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Yes thats the exercise. I cant do it. My lower back arches and moves, and I have poor motor control. He then told me to work on deep breathing exercises first as they are easier, then progress towards breathing with contracting my pelvic floor muscles. After I am able to do that, he said I progress towards the exercise in that youtube video. 

The reason I am going to see another physiotherapist is because I want someone who specializes in this area to help me go through the exercises properly. My current physiotherapist while being very good doesnt specialize in deep core muscles. He also operates multiple patients at the same time, so he can only help me go through the exercises and watch my form in a given amount of time that is relatively short. On the other hand the other physiotherapist that I am going to see does 1 on 1 sessions, and specializes in pilates, core muscles, etc.. So i feel I can benefit a lot from it. Also, since my progress is stagnating I can always use another opinion on what is going on for my case and perhaps make adjustments to my current regime. 
My current physiotherapist thinks the deep core muscle weakness, lumbar spine instability and poor motor control are the missing pieces to my puzzle, (the previous piece being glute medius weakness, and pelvic instability).  I hope he is accurate so I can finally get this situation handled for good. 
Theoretically it is very plausible indeed that deep core muscle weakness is having a major impact on my physiotherapy progress. Around the time I got my patellofemoral syndrome I also strained my lower deep abdominal/groin area. I thought I got a sports hernia because it would not recover. Eventually when I quite sports the pain/symptoms disapeared. Perhaps the abdominal strain had led to lumbo-pelvic instability and an exacerbation of my glute medius weakness leading to a severe and complicated case patellofemoral pain that was not able to be fixed by conventional physiotherapy protocols. Also I do have an anterior pelvic tilt which can be due to not only my quadricep dominance, but also deep core muscle weakness. 
Jtrue do you have bilateral knee pain? I wonder if indeed the deep core muscle weakness, poor motor control, and lumbo-pelvic instability may also be why you continue to struggle to progress.