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AvatarJames Beatty

4) You mention couch wall/stress each leg. My problematic knee is the right one, although I have tight IT band/quad/hip flexor complex on both sides. Should I still do both legs, or focus more on my right leg?

Ideally as a coach, I would tell you to do both equally. When I was in full mob-mode, I probably paid 70% attention to the bad one and 30% to the okay one. As things eased up, I even them out. Don’t neglect the other one, it could end up like the other one if you don’t! But I’m not gonna lie, couch stretching like 3-5 times a day sucks, it’s not fun. That’s probably why I didn’t want to double it.

5) I am not fimiliar with voodoo banding the high hip, mid quad, and high calf. I have seen one of kellies videos were he vodoo bands somones suprapatellor pouch with a half lacross ball under the band, and makes him do squats. What will voodoo banding those areas you mention do? And If I voodoo band do you suggest to have half a lacrosse ball under the band? Is their a video that shoes voodoo beanding the hi hip, mid quad, and high calf while performing squats. I checked all the videos you posted Kaitlin. Maybe I missed it.

Voodoo flossing helps restore sliding tissues, and also helps flush out joints as well as get some new blood to them. Above the knee often gets matted down with all the common muscle insertions. I’ll post some videos here in a little.

6) All the exercises/stretches kelly performs with some type of band, around the high hip and gluteal fold area while stretching the hip flexor/high quad complex. Is that with a voodoo band? You did not mention performing those exercises, did you not perform them,? Are those capsule stretches?

That is just a jump stretch band. It’s not a bad idea to throw those in when you can. It can be awkward to set up though. I only used banded distractions about 10% of the time.

After I get all the links to videos, I’ll resubmit my 1-5 to help make things clearer.