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AvatarRyan Cloutier

My symptoms are improving slightly, however it seems to be taking way to long. The physio had me do a lunge variation to try to emphasize glute medius activation, however my IT band flared up and knee pain came back really harshly for a few days. It took some smashing/rolling, stretching, E-stimed dry needling, and glute medius activation at home for a couple days to get back to normal. However, after the lunges my glutes were really sore indicating perhaps I was activating the glutes in a way I wasn’t before. But then why the IT band flare and knee pain? Maybe my knees tracking near my toes during the lunge had a role in the flare of symptoms. I have my next physio appointment on Thursday, I will discuss with him in regards to what the lunges did. He is trying to integrate my new glute medius strength that I have gained (from doing isolated and non-functional exercises) into a functional exercises thats why he had me do the modified lunges. I started to do 1 leg stance hip hikes tho as an alternate to the lunges (seems to work the glute medius in a similar way and is somewhat functional). Perhaps the lunges can be the progression after the 1 leg stance hip hikes get easy.

Interesting that you say after smashing your tib anterior your symptoms are better. Seems almost to easy/good to be true that such a problem is fixed so easily with a seemingly unrelated muscle group. I guess I have to give smashing the tib anterior a longer and more consistent try. Perhaps its also playing a role in my symptoms (although I doubt it).