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I saw a Neurokinetic Therapist who confirmed that my entire right side from the hip down has become one giant confusing mess of tension and inhibition. I was breaking a sweat not 2 minutes into his testing and he commented on the anxiety/neural component which has developed as my body has adjusted to this injury over the past 7 months. 
Strangely enough, my symptoms were relieved by the end of the appointment and I was able to straighten my leg without discomfort; for the first time in a long time I felt like I was standing like a normal person. 24 hours later, I went into a rapid tailspin and I’m back to feeling like I did months ago. 

I can’t seem to solve this and I can’t afford to pay for momentary relief. I’m smashing, rolling, flossing, pressure-waving, contracting & relaxing and left with more frustration than I’ve every felt in my life. I know the main source of the problem is from tightness/inhibition at the glute and hip, but no amount of SMR is fixing this :(.