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AvatarNathan Richer

i actually use an electrostim unit for training called the ARPWave POV ( through EVOUltrafit ( and it helps you recover but not in the way you would use the marc pro. so it took me a while to figure out what kind and how to use an electrostim unit for recovery.  however it is probably out of your price range if you think the marc pro is expensive.

but i also wanted to check on other recovery limiting things, like:
how much sleep are you getting?
are you eating enough? hard training athletes should be consuming 1g protein per lb of bodyweight. if you’re older, ie. 40+ you may need to up that to 1.5g protein or more per lb bodyweight to ensure good recovery.
are you eating the right things and not junk – ie. grass fed beef vs. mcdonalds hamburgers? vitamins?
have you had blood work done? if your other blood numbers are out of balance that could inhibit recovery.
so lots of things to consider – you may find success without needing a marc pro or similar….