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AvatarVirginie Lehmann

You’re right on David. I do most of that between feet …out of necessity. Move around, drink some water, stretch out the anterior chain as much as possible. I could do a video on using an anvil to mobilize…lol. However, I would have draw the line at ball smash mobs because, no matter how I tried to explain it, the wealthy ladies would likely not understand why the Farrier is grinding around on the floor or against the wall and apparently having a seizure of some sort :o). Would be effective though…

These days I do less volume and higher quality work. I’m lucky to be able to pick and choose what and how much I do. My clients know of my limitations and take good care of me so, I am blessed in that regard. The rest of this is just about my drive to overcome and excel personally. I don’t do ‘can’t’ well at all… :o).
Will def tinker with protein intake and let you know how I fare. Thanks again for your time and thoughtful advise! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones… No?