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AvatarNathan Richer

hey mark,

might also want to just get up and walk around a lot. staying stuck in any one position for too long is bad too. for desk workers, thats sitting in front of a computer screen. for you it’s sitting at a horse.
you may also try smashing and mobilizing in between dealing with horses. before you start working on another horse, get up, smash with a ball or do a mob or two with a band, test some archetypal shapes like get your arms overhead or deep squat.  then go on to your next horse.
you can test the protein. try eating 200g (for 200lb person) of protein for a day and see if you’re sore the next morning. if still sore, try 250g (1.25g/lb). still sore? try 300g (1.5g/lb). if you are still sore, then this may not be the answer but simply just overuse and/or stuck in one position too long.  also try to self regulate – on days you don’t work – don’t eat that much – your body doesn’t need it so don’t stuff yourself!
as a quick rule of thumb there is approx 6g protein in every ounce of beef. so 200g = 32oz of beef or 2lbs!  since you’re a big guy you could probably do that. but i would vary it up with protein powder and other sources like eggs or fish. grass fed lamb is a good substitute also and usually cheaper.  but just try it for a day or two and see if it makes a difference.
good luck!