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AvatarVirginie Lehmann

Thank you Kaitlin. Yes, I am clear on the differences between the TENS and Marc Pro. (See above) I used the TENS to prop up my bad behavior for some time. At least until ‘shocking’ myself into spinal support no longer had the desired effect…lol. 

I appreciate the overview and am intrigued. I’m going to look into the blood panel suggested by David and just see if there may be a missing piece to the puzzle there. Can’t hurt. 
I will continue to ask questions and look into the Marc Pro as well. Generally I’m not big on gimmicks and gadgets but I’m sensing that this one may be an effective tool to help get me over the occasional ‘hump’. I’m thinking this may help with the residual stiffness/soreness in my high hamstrings, glutes and, sometimes TFL. (See work history above) I tend to be over stretched in the hip/trunk extensors and shortened in the flexors. Same as sitting but on steroids… The mobility work has been awesome for me and I have returned almost all of the muscle balance and ROM through these techniques and lifting. What I’m interested in is shortening the recovery curve and being able to better maintain the mobility that I am working so hard for. Case in point; When I am a little tight from a busy morning at work, come home, warm up and do a heavy lifting cycle, I am going to be really sore in the hamstring origin at the ischium, the glutes (Particularly glute med for some reason, origin to insertion). Maybe it has to do with form as I’m sure it’s not perfect. I do know it’s not too bad though as I have small window for preventing error/injury. Anyhoo, I’m pretty well shredded back there and I understand the muscles need time to heal before being heavily tasked again. But…I’m back under a horse again bright and early the next morning, pulling on the already stressed tissue. 
Now, during this recovery phase I am really tight and def don’t have full ROM. I can however get on a LAX ball or supernova, do some banded distraction work and mobilize myself quite nicely…for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then I’m all stiff and jacked up again. The claims made by the Marc Pro peeps and the theory behind the function of it make sense to me with facilitating the flushing of the tissue and creating space for nutrients to come in. Understand that I am not looking to this as a ‘super fixer’…just maybe an edge to shorten the healing process and, if the claims are true, actually, with proper consistent use make the muscles’ ability to recover more efficient and effective.
Am I on the right track here?