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Yes and it has helped exponentially but there is only so much I can do. I am a big guy (6’3″/200#) trying to fit in a small place, working with a subject that has it’s own opinions of what’s going on. Most that I do are good to work with. In fact, I reserve the right to refuse the unruly ones because I’m no longer willing to risk injury by being jerked and snatched on… Through my 28 yrs in the biz, I have earned my way to the top of the food chain. I do high end hunters and jumpers. They are the Olympic athletes of their realm (in a few cases, quite literally). As such, they deal with injury, aches, pains and mobility issues the same way we do as athletes. Only they can’t verbalize their complaints. When they come home from a lengthy, arduous road trip they will be stiff, sore, perhaps a little tweaked somewhere, or just generally jaded and tired, particularly the older, high mileage horses. That said, I have to compromise my position at times to keep the patient comfortable and standing quietly. If you flex or extend the sore joint too much, best case scenario would be the equivalent of trying to hold up the rear end of a Volvo with the parking brake released…worst case, you get you head taken off :o). Gotta show ’em some respect and they’ll give it back to you.

I have made progress with body position for sure and notice immediately when I get tired or distracted and default to bad position. So, that is good. The strength training has helped better than I could have hoped for being able to support good position longer. Frankly, I’m pleasantly shocked at the volume of weight I’m able to lift now. Never expected to be able to do loaded squats or deadlifts again either but, here I am, squatting a solid 250# and deadlifting just over 300#…and still climbing.  
It’s a constant and challenging side program to run in my head while working. I’ve got 28 yrs. of faulty neural pathways to over ride and create new, more efficient ones. I’ve only been at this new game of functional levers and pulleys for a short time. Up to that point I had been literally ‘hanging on the meat’. It was the pain, dysfunction and the threat of losing a lucrative career in an already shrinking economy that drove me in the search for solutions. Strange that I could see it in the horses so well but not in myself. I guess because I was “Superman” and my body could buffer the bad habits… Pay attention out there youngsters. The Piper will someday visit you with a bill. How large it is is up to you.
LOL…too much coffee this morning. The simple answer to your last question David is…yes. :o)
Will def read up on the info you recommended too. Many thanks!