AvatarJeff Parker

Just to chime in – I’ve just recently begun working a laboratory analyst position that requires steel toed safety shoes. I ended up getting (I’d had them in the past, too) a pair of Carolina logger boots that hurt my calves – specifically the soleus just below the gastroc and lateral gastroc head – like I’d never felt pain before. 

I ended up switching to a Keen steel toed shoe that does NOT have a high(er) heel and the pain has literally disappeared overnight.
I know all of this may seem like common sense info – but I had no clue that the shoes I wore could impact me so much outside of work. As the night ended, the pain would actually grow MORE when I changed into street shoes…absolutely terrible. All of this made no sense to me initially since I’m in good shape by any standards and I didn’t think my shoes could be so brutal! 
Thankfully, new shoes = no pain. Hopefully you’ll find some sense of relief if you switch footwear, too. Good luck!