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AvatarYuan Li

Ok thanks again K! You are absolutely correct in that it is a running technique issue. I’m working on that with Brian Mackenzie’s book and at the same time adapting to the flatter shoes no orthotics. So I recognise there is going to be some hiccups along the way as the body adapts. So I am smashing calves,feet Achilles etc.
The videos you linked were great but were relevant to what I would call catastrophic injuries and rehab ie the busted clavicle and acl surgeries and the long road back. I am aware of the upstream downstream work on the positions of restriction pain.
I am talking about the general strains and minor tears in hamstring or in my current case calf which i have aggravated again yesterday doing DU’s. So my question is when I do slightly strain do I now compress and rest then after a few days smash floss? Do I smash floss straight away. I don’t ice anymore so what’s next. Do I just try and free up shin ankle knee etc while waiting for calf to repair?