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AvatarItamar Cohen

Check out Mackenzie back extension excersises. They were created to help spinal problems by pressuring bulging discs back into place but to do so are intended to be done multiple times throughout the day. I had a large herniation in my l5-s1 which was once a small disc bulge. I had the same pain as you. I wish that I would have known about this technique and that I actually had a disc bulge. Those are great resources to have. I would also look into working on your posture and mechanics through a sound movement practice if you wanna stay injury free. I think that I may have re-ruptured my disc because of not correctly fixing my problematic movement patterns and the root of the problem that cause the disc bulge. Don’t let the bulging disc turn into a herniation the problems and pain get way worse. Hope this helps you grow stronger and get back to completion without injury.