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First thing it needs to be healed to prevent something else from happening.
You have 3 other limbs that you can be using when you workout.
Ok to walk and ok to workout are 2 different things.
Did you ask the doctor any questions?
If not, I would recommend calling him back with specific questions you have.
Pain is a lagging indicator so “let pain be your guide” isn’t very good advise.
By the time pain shows up there is damage done.
Do you know of a knowledgeable coach who may be able to help you with this situation?
This is a situation where seeing someone is beneficial because it is something outside of your knowledge base.
The session(s) may not be covered, but getting more information on the situation and a plan of action is what is needed.
Doing research on PTs in your area and finding out more on what they participate in is helpful info to have.
You need to go in with an open mind and hear them out.