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Thanks, Kaitlin.  The workouts that got me were a 5:00 amrap KBS/burpee and 4 rounds of run/wall ball (in 7:37).  More intense than I’m used to, and my training had been inconsistent going into the start of the CF program.   Symptoms were mostly the same for the rest of the day of workout: frequent feeling like I needed to clear my throat and infrequent cough.  The next day those were gone, but could still feel a remnant of it at the end of a big inhale.

It felt good to push myself at that level even over those short times, especially since I’ve long been dealing with a locked SI which has held my training back (chiro helping there, and MWOD of course!)  I plan to dial back the intensity a bit, at least until I get several more workouts under my belt.