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AvatarCody Blair

Hey Iron Tiger, is the ulnar nerve all the way up the arm, or more towards the elbow? I’ve definitely felt some nerve pain in that area in line with my pinky, although I rarely focus on that area or even the palmar area in general. Maybe I’ll start working on that. 

I’ve been pretty persistent with my rolling for the past few weeks and it does seem like the pain is ceasing. Feels less vulnerable, although it does still give me issues if I lift heavy object or twist it the wrong way when picking something up (like I said, the injury originated from my drill torquing my wrist unexpectedly).
I’ve also started paying more attention to my posture when I write and have notice a lot of shoulder tension creeping in, especially when I’m really focused. I have to keep checking in every once in a while to relax it. I’m finding it difficult to keep it relaxed though!
One more thing to add, from time to time I’ve been experiencing some slight numbness throughout my forearm. Is this a bad thing, or to be expected from the smashing?