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AvatarKevin Cho

I was also experiencing similar knee pain for several months.  I was mobilizing regularly, but ignoring movement patterns and motor control. Even though I thought I knew.  It turned out I was landing with my right leg overly bent and was loading it maximally in range, because I was also loading it first in range.  I worked on terminal knee extension (lots of videos for this mob). I also smashed my hammy and did a ton of band distracted hip mobilizations.  I was also overextended, but I don’t think this was as big of an issue.  Lesson learned: sitting is death.  I fixed almost everything and feel way better, but have damaged my patella (chrondomalacia) and now need a scope. Get your hips and hamstrings working and your knees secondary to your hips as prime movers.  One of my friends had the same issue which was fixed through TKE mobs, deadlifts, and box squats. He also has very flat feet, which he is getting rid of partially via new-found external rotation torque.

Good luck!