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AvatarNathan Richer

Here’s one important part of it. 

our 21st century lives are filled with opportunities to create delta-bravo shoulders.  we must stop that or else any solution involving mobs or smashes won’t last. we need to fix our positions in our normal lives so that we do not encourage the delta-bravo shoulder.

there are a ton of mobs and smashes in the videos that involve the pec minor, pecs, and front delts to release them from their delta-bravo constantly shortened positions. it looks like your neck is coming fwd too, and your t-spine is becoming rounded. you’d probably want to work on getting a double lacrosse ball or gemini and freeing up your ribs and t-spine which will also help.

I also have been working with a Crossover Symmetry system – it’s awesome for this. I highly recommend it. You can get it from Rogue Fitness or search google – I bought mine for cheaper from ATG Stores.