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I would check out June 1st Daily RX.  I have been doing all the hip openers, couch stretch etc. The couch stretch on the wall on my right side kind of sucks because my right ankle does not have the full ROM to sit on the wall without the knuckle on my foot becoming raw and sore.  So essentially I still can’t sit upright on my own in that position.  

The reason why I really like June 1st daily RX is because doing that split really shows the combination of muscle tightness going on.  For instance if you just use the couch stretch you can feel just your upper quad tightness, but with the june 1st RX I could feel my hammy tightness which proceeded down to my adductor on the left side of my right knee down my calve into my shin and into my ankle.  The combination of feeling these muscles working together gave me an understanding of exactly what I was missing.  I just need a black band to keep me more upright so I can get into more corners.