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Are you consistently working on the areas where you are not seeing change?
Have you focused on these areas for an extended time?
Some areas may take some time for lasting change especially if it is something that is not a new issue.

First you need to identify the cause of the restriction.
Next address the cause. Symptoms will continue to show until the cause is addressed.

A general definition of SMR is goals of increasing flexibility via the general decrease of muscular adhesions.

Some mobilizations are done post workout because of what is impacted or changed with the mobilization.
New range is sloppy range and a workout is not a place to work with new ranges for the first time.

The goal is lasting change. Mobilizing post workout is proactive work for the next day. Undoing the impact of a workout or of sitting for a time, traveling to a meet, race, event etc.
Mobilizing at different times of the day is need for areas that need alot of work.. The muscles/tissues need the stimulation/reminders of the changes.  It takes time to build how long the changes hold.
Same thing as changing technique/mechanics of a skill. In the beginning it takes alot of reminders and cues about technique. It takes time to perform the changes in technique in all environments (fresh vs tired, practice vs competition)