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AvatarRyan Cloutier
I noticed that doing self-myofascial work (lacrosse ball, rumble roller, etc..) doesn’t create permanent or lasting changes in my muscle tightness and adhesions.

So how do you create permanent changes in mobility, range of motion,  muscle tightness, and adhesions?

Will stretching and/or self-myofascial work  on its own to create permanent changes? Or does it need to be supplemented with movement patterns and end range of motions?
Whats the purpose of self-myofascial work and stretching in terms of making permanent change? Is it to only help create a window of opportunity (a period of time) were some muscles are temporarily relaxed allowing you to move through more range of motion when doing specific exercises and movement patterns thus activating inhibited muscles and also learning to move through more range of motion eventually making you more mobile and less tight. Is that whats meant by mobilize a position? Is it to provide enough time to train movements that would not normally be accessible, learn new skills, develop new capacities, and reduce the perceived threat associated with certain movements? This could have permanent benefit. But of course if you just sit on the couch, the benefits would probably be temporary.
If my reasoning is true. Shouldn’t we only mobilize before the workout? Whats the purpose of mobilizing after a workout or during different times of the day such as morning or night?