AvatarNathan Richer

if there is pain, you should see a clinician. most of the stuff that MWOD talks about is about after pain/injury is addressed and mostly gone.  I know voodoo bands have been used on sprained ankles as a way to clear fluids from the injured area.  but i have not heard talk about it being used on a larger area like hamstrings. i worry about not knowing how severe the trauma is to the hamstring to say that voodoo bands could be used or not. it is possible that voodoo bands could do more damage to the tissue and lengthen healing.  remember also that smashing or any sort does cause trauma to the muscle and you don’t want to make an injury worse – it’s just healthy muscle with a little bit of adhesions can become more functional and movable, but if you overdo it you can do damage also. and with injury, you might do more bad than good.

that is why we just refer injuries and when people have pain to clinicians who are licensed and skilled to deal with that.