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AvatarChristopher_le[email protected]

That is my squat. I think I am focusing intently with the way I do the movement, but I could be wrong. Having a coach pick out my flaws in real time would be great as I would be able to always have those corrections in my head.

As far as what I do all day is pretty active. I think I may sit for 4 hours a day. I don’t have a stand desk at work, but I don’t really need to sit longer then 10 mins at a time. I also don’t wear high heel shoes.

As far as a plan goes I am going to clean up the internal rotation. So far I am on day 3 and I already am losing the tightness I once had. This is what typically happens. I take away tight tissue and never experience it ever again. For instance I could barely couch stretch my right side. Now it seems the only way i get a good stretch is if I internally rotate the couch stretch. I am going to also smash hard on the quad insertion to the it band. Smashing adductors also helps the wall squat. Sitting in the squat 10 mins a day will also be a goal as well.