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AvatarNathan Richer

If you are coming to our neck of the woods sometime, make sure you schedule a session with Roop at SF Crossfit. Well worth the time and bring a video camera to record the whole thing so you don’t forget. Then when you’re there, pepper him with all the other questions you have lol.  If you see him for the first time, ask him for a general assessment and then he’ll work on some things he sees wrong. If you’re going to be here for a while, you can also consider making more than one visit across the time you’re here.

Glute activation tough and can be a long road to unwind our years of bad habits. Keep at it for sure.  It will come.  and stop sitting!
Not sure chiro can do what you want effectively. If you get to Roop, his PT and coaches eye can evaluate you for sure from an athletic perspective.
In the beginning, I would warm up with mob work. It would take 30 min, sometimes 45, or even an hour! and then i would work out for an hour after that! but I needed it. To fully loosen my hips and shoulders for a workout, I had to take the time. But now months later, I only need 15 min.