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Yeah, I want my hamstrings to be lit up more. And that knee going forward is a sign that my body doesn’t want to allow the hamstrings to be used.  I haven’t worked on my hamstrings in a few weeks because I am passing the hip flexion test, but now that I am improving internal rotation I can start working on that again.  

I am not concerned about how deep I am going.  In fact, my true concern is how straight I can keep my feet.  I know what the feeling is like when I create torque.  I just haven’t experience it in a long time.  After cleaning up this internal rotation — I feel the restriction in my calves and ankles.  
my assessment seems to be:
I can pigeon pose especially high up on a desk (lower to the ground is harder).  I feel tightness but not to the point of it fully restricting me (I think).  My left side is worse then my right.
My hip flexion is pretty good.  (bend 90 degrees with a flat back)
My internal rotation is bad and I am cleaning that up.  I am feeling a lot more sore in my posterior chain as well as calves and ankles with doing it.  Is that possible?
My ankles and calves have always been worked out, but I think that because I wasn’t fixing my hips fully they were going back to being stiff again.  
And of course — my shoulders, well they are stiff too.