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AvatarNathan Richer

wow hawkgrips are cool! looks like they copied graston pretty thoroughly. i thought graston patented their tool shapes.

my favorite IASTM tools are:
i love the long myofascia bar and myofascia bar AP. 
however, for a single hand scraping tool, it was a hard search. some of myo-bar’s products worked ok but i felt they were too small.
i finally shelled out cash for a Zuka Tools scraper- the Zuka-3:
the reason i shelled out for it is because i wanted the edge to be sharper. blunt edges work ok but not as good as sharper, thinner edges with a sharper angle.
they are still pricey. 
i had some plastic ones which worked OK. can’t remember the brand. i also found some traditional chinese gua-sha tools and tried some of theirs made from jade, animal horn, or similar. but i think that stainless steel is much better overall.
stainless steel allows you to use the weight of the tool to your advantage, and the steel transmits vibrations of you hitting a knot or irregularities in the tissue better. other materials don’t seem to work as well.
i would definitely get treated by a graston expert before trying it on yourself. you learn a lot by watching them work and how they apply the tool, as well as when to stop. you could definitely create more problems by scraping too long and too much.
having said all the above, once i got into MWOD, i found that i really don’t need those tools any more. i still see my Graston/chiro and she treats me with Graston but i have found that MWOD mobs are more than good enough to deal with my problems nowadays.