AvatarNathan Richer

BTW if you *really* want to be cheap, some of us have used kitchen utensils, like spoons, and gone to the hardware store for a large crescent wrench to use the handle on our quads.  you just need a big metal thing to be able to scrape yourself. you don’t need no fancy way too expensive tool to try it on yourself!

Rogue sells the mobility star http://www.roguefitness.com/mobility-star which looks to be of good shape – not too pricey at $65. i didn’t get one so don’t know how sharp the angle is on the edge. but one good thing about these kinds of tools are the ones with circles cut out of them. when your hands are all slippery from cream to lubricate your skin and you’re trying to hold firmly onto a tool, a hole or cutout is great for maintaining a grip on it with slippery hands.