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AvatarBrian Foster

I just signed up for the 7 free day for ROMwod yesterday night.  So far I am pretty impressed.  here are my pros and cons for each website (note I still have little experience with ROMwod

ROMwod pros
– excellent production quality
– Peaceful zen like
– super easy to follow along, recommends exactly what to do with everything
-titles/descriptions are very straightforward
-website is easy to navigate
ROMwod cons
-primarily passive stretching
-does not have scientific explanations, injury prevention tips, nutrition, etc like Mobilitywod
-does not seem to have any banded stretching, smashing, etc.
Mobilitywod pros
-videos on a wide array of topics.
-cutting/new/inovative information
-many experts + guest stars
-variety of techniques to apply to mobility and injury prevention
Mobilitywod cons
– Poor video production
– videos seem rushed
– some concepts explained in a way that is hard to understand to the vast majority
– titles not clear– hard to find what you want
– no title on daily RX
-no follow along videos
Right now I think that ROMwod will be more effective for me in improving my flexibility and mobility because of the easy to follow along videos, straight forward prescriptions, and no need for a gym ect.  I think I would be more consistent with this website.  AS far as cutting information, and help across the board, the mobility sod episodes are better.
hope that helps