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AvatarMartin Repcek

You just gotta keep working at it. I’ve been working on my dysfunctions for over a year now, even spent a few months seeing a DPT. One of the things wrong with me is that one side of my pelvis is tilted the opposite direction of the other side. Looking in a mirror I appear lopsided. The exercise that KStar demonstrates (must be Episode 4 as SuppleDragons stated above) is one my physical therapist had me do. Personally, I had better results by bracing against a door frame – use your glutes to drive one foot into the floor and drive the other knee up into the door frame. Having said that, there is a reason KStar demonstrated it the way he did. 

My guess is if you this problem you probably have other things you need to work on too. I feel like I’m playing whack-a-mole because all my dysfunctions seem to re-enforce each other. In my case I have EXTREME ankle stiffness and had some pretty brutal hip stiffness. The absolute best thing I found to do was spend some time on the elliptical. You’ll need a good gym quality elliptical with a long stride – like LifeFitness. The goal is to keep both feet firmly planted at all times, feet in neutral position, knees tracking over middle to outer toes. I do this either barefoot or in my Vibrams. Just 5 months ago I couldn’t do this to save my life. My femur felt like it was going to push through my pelvis and the pain was excruciating. After about 3 or 4 workouts (~3 hours total on the elliptical) I managed to gain enough range of motion in my hip to keep both heels planted. After a few more workouts I was finally able to keep my foot pointed straight. I’m still working on the ankle range of motion. The glute medius on that leg is extremely weak too. My theory is that hundreds and thousands of repetitions in a crappy position caused the problem and it is going to take hundreds and thousands of repetitions in a good position to fix it. 
I’m not at all an expert, but my suspicion is that if you have an abnormal pelvic tilt it is because you are compensating for missing range of motion farther down the chain. That would fit my experience. Just like SuppleDragons said, I’m literally learning to walk all over again.