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AvatarTyler Lindon

    Episode 4 of MWodPro address this perfectly.  After watching this and applying the techniques, I’m fairly certain my other hip is rotated the other way, all be it slightly…. which makes some kind of crazy sense, eh?

    I suspect this is common for many people as I developed it over years of video gaming, driving, and having a desk job.  TONS of sitting mixed with leaning toward my dominant side to reach for a mouse or a in case of everyone, to reach for the accelerator/brake in a vehicle.  
    It is hard sometimes to keep the motivation as the tissue change isn’t as fast as I’d hoped but in all fairness, I’m undoing 30+ years of bad form and technique.  I’m literally learning to walk again only this time, the right way.
    I suggest purchasing the Pro section because if you’ve made it this far into site/forum, you should consider yourself serious about resolving your issues or helping others do so.  
    MWod Pro *shing*